Group Lesson Rule & Regulations

  1. General

 -All group lessons run around 30 min per class, and maximum 3 swimmers are allowed per instructor. However, there are possibilities that more than 3 swimmers can be assigned in a lane in order to accommodate make-up class requests.

-There are 6 class levels (Level 1 through 6), and each level has its each color to distinguish swimmers (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Black)

-All group lesson swimmers are required to wear NJSG swim cap in order to participate the program.

-Please show up on the pool deck 10 min prior to classes in proper swim attire.

2. Registration

– Always current swimmers come first: Registration priority will be given to continuing members. The remaining spots will be available to new members.

-Swim cap allowance: Only one cap will be provided for each level. Swimmers are responsible to purchase a cap ($10) due to wear and tear or lost.

3. Attendance, Make up class & Rescheduling

-Attendance: Up to 2 pre-announced absences with exact dates will be waived from the total tuition in a session.

-Parents must notify us for any absences at least 12 hours prior to the class to be entitled to request future make-up class(es).

-ALL MAKE UPS ARE FINAL after it’s been scheduled.

-Maximum 2 make-up classes are allowed per session and must be fulfilled within the current session or/ shall be rolled over to the following session upon request. All missed classes will be EXPIRED after one-session is past. Enrollment is required to claim make ups. 

-To schedule a make-up class, please contact us at least 2 days prior to your desired date.

– In case of class cancellation due to inclement weather or pool closures, members will receive make-up class(es).

-You are entitled to request refund of remaining classes with doctor’s note.

4. Tuition and Fees 

– Tuition is due at the first lesson of each session. (2 installments plan is available)

– 2nd and 3rd child registration fee will be waived (Family discount)

– NJSG tuition includes pool admission and related taxes.

– Tuition can be paid in cash or personal check. Credit card can be used with additional 3% transaction fee.