Group Lesson
Taught by instructors with more than 10 years of experience,
you will gain basic stroke skills, confidence in all strokes and be able to expand your skills.
You can join our Swimming Team training after completing Level 6 and successfully passing the qualifying test.
Synchronized Swimming
Synchronized swimming combines the grace of gymnastics and the athletics of swimming.
It demands strong swimming skills, discipline, and commitment on the part of its athletes.
The sport develops strength, flexibility and ability to work cooperatively within a team.
ACE Swim Team
It has always been and will always be, about HEALTHY LIVING.
And we are committed to inspire our swimmers to develop their spiritual, mental, social and physical growth.
Private Lesson
Private lessons offer one-on-one instruction for students who want to further refine their swimming strokes.
With only one or two students in a class, you can learn at your own pace and get the maximum benefit of 1-1 attention.